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Ever Moral Industrial Limited is a Hong Kong enterprise with a network of manufacturing facilities and partners in China. We are a leading source for specialized merchandise, including new electrical products which require industrial design, engineering, product development and project management. For our business partners, we provide not only quality products, but offer product solutions through our in-depth participation in all phases of the product development and the supply chain management. In addition to offeringready access to pre-audited, reliable production resources throughout China, Ever Moral contributes to your projects considerable expertise in the areas of product design, engineering, manufacturing, packaging and quality assurance. For many of our business partners,
Ever Moral is their essential manufacturing resource, handling complex production requirements from start to finish without the rcing from a remote location.
Business Philosophy
Our business philosophy is to offer a cost effective level of service tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Our in-depth personal commitment and close association with our business partners are the major reasons for our success and continued strong growth.
Products and Services
Our main products include the electrical home appliances such as the electric fans, heaters, sandwich makers, irons, coffee makers, blenders and juice extractors.
We endeavor to fulfill your every sourcing needs from product development to merchandising and manufacturing. We aim our service to minimize your cost, multi-sourcing risk and the quality variation and to maximize the product quality, manufacturing efficiency and the customer satisfaction level.
Our staff has broad experience in industrial design and familiar with different manufacturing technologies. We are able to optimize the tooling design to fulfill the specific products performance requirements and i nternational standards.
Our Approach to Product Quality
We are committed to the product quality. All our products meet the mandatory international safety approvals and the voluntary industrial requirements such as the CE / EMC / GS / CB / SAA / UL approval, the RoHS, WEEE and REACH. Our manufacturing partners are qualified to the ISO9000 quality system prior to the order placement, while quality guidelines and details specifications are established for their production. Our quality inspectors will perform laboratory product construction verification, on-line control and pre-shipment inspections, according to the international random sampling plan MIL-105E-STD to ensure the agreed quality levels are continuously met. In-house testing and inspection reports are always available upon request.
We have been growing strong and fast since established. We warmly welcome you to visit our company to trade and negotiate with us for the mutual benefit and prosperity.
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